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Software Testers is one of the most important profession in the IT sphere. They monitor the quality of websites, mobile applications, and other products.
They do essential work. That is why you will find the best job offer in a really short time!

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Who is this course for?

This course is adaptable for everyone.
We have created all the necessary conditions where each student can achieve the desired results! 🚀

For each student, we can have a special approach based on experience, desires, and goals.
Will discuss this individually! 👌

For Beginners

who wants to become a part of the IT industry

For New professionals

who decided to change their career

For everyone

novice testers, IT specialists & others

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Statistics of our team and the success of our students

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More than
600 students

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positive reviews

5 Star University

Our students work with hundreds of leading companies

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Why Software Testing?

One of the most demanded and well-paid career in IT. The best way to get into IT. The largest number of opportunities for further development. It's all about Software Testing.
Let's research the market! 🌎

50,000+ Job Offers

every month by

100,000+ Job Offers

every months by

25,000+ Job Offers

every two weeks by

65,000+ Job Offers

every month by

$90,000+ per year

average salary by

$75,500+ per year

average salary by

$81,000+ per year

average salary by

Best job for IT beginners

based on

The best way to transit

bases onour experience

/ Internship

Preparation for your new career 🚀

You'll go through a huge amount of practice to become an absolutely confident software tester!

Real work experience in game dev company for your resume

Work with projects you can show to a future employer

Real work experience in game dev company for your resume

Working with professional QA team leaders

Working with professional QA team leaders

Full cover letter, resume, and LinkedIn design

First real earnings on online testing during learning

Work with projects you can show to a future employer

First real earnings on online testing during learning

Real practice for interviews with all possible questions from HRs

Full cover letter, resume and LinkedIn design

Real practice for interviews with all possible questions from HRs

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/ Why Amojito

Features collected from all over the world

Our team has studied at schools and universities in the USA, Canada, Russia, and other countries, so we combined our experiences.

We made the university with the most distinctive features that will help you achieve the best results in your future IT profession.

Course Style

Our learning style covers all formats. You can learn from videos, texts, pictures, notes, quizzes and with music. Complete delight!

Our learning style covers all formats. You can learn from videos, texts, pictures, notes, quizzes, and while listening to music. Complete delight!

Freshest Content

The knowledge we give is the freshest and newest. Sometimes we teach something that everyone will talk about only after a month!

Convenient Timing

It is terrible to spend half a day studying. It is not IT style. You'll have time for yourself.
But if you want, you can learn even 24 hours!

Experienced Teachers

Not only teachers but also mentors! You can communicate with them, ask questions. They will share their great experiences!

Road to grade "A"

School grades? No. You can retake assignments until you get an "A". We hate bad grades. The results is more important!

School grades? No.
You can retake assignments until you get an "A". We hate bad grades. The results are more important!

24/7 Personal Support

Ask any questions to supports at any time of the day or night and in any weather. Your question will not go unanswered!

General Chat

You'll have access to chat with all students of our course. This will provide an opportunity to share experiences and communicate!

Full Employment

We'll help you with interview preparation, resume, and everything so that you can get the best job offer straight after the course!

/ Syllabus

The most effective curriculum

4 major learning quarters

Over 60 hours of learning

40 detailed online lessons

More than 10 test quizzes

Main Intro

Welcome to the Testing Course by Amojito

Details of the course, review of the curriculum, and introduction to the teachers.


• Features of the course from Amojito
• Why is the profession of a tester so important
• What are the possible earnings
• Development prospects
• Start position

1st quarter

Foundations and concepts of Online Testing

You'll learn how the largest global companies test their products online, how much money they spend on it and how much money online testers get, what are the platforms for such specialists, and how you can start working as an online tester.

Basics of Crowd Systems

• What are crowd systems
• What platforms exist in this industry
• How companies save millions of dollars in testing
• What role do online testers play in the product release process?

Welcome to the First Platform

• Introduction to the First platform
• Deepening in Academy
• Basics and principles of Test Cycle
• What is a Bug Report

Test your knowledge

• Big quiz to test your progress
• Testing challenge for $50 prize

Show full learning program

Hide learning program

/ Testimonials

Impressions of our students and alumni

A few out of hundreds of positive experiences of the testing course.

The pandemic has changed many people's life. My life changed after I was fired from my previous job. Choosing IT is one of the best decisions in my life. The guys from Amohito gave me a new life - as sweet as it may sound.

Melissa Leotta

I'm a web developer with 2 years of experience. And it was very important for me to learn the principles of testers. It turned out that I now know better about QA than the testers in our company... this is not a joke, really.

Tyler Binfet

I went through a lot of training, but this - this is just the ideal of online learning. The approach, format, everything is adapted for the student. I swear, I'll pay more money from my first paycheck as a software tester.

Alexandr Broen

As a girl who was very far from technology, it brought me maximum pleasure to study with these guys. Don’t understand how, but they made me... a professional IT specialist? What!? Thank you so much to the whole team!

Vicky Ford

My father advised me to take some courses while in college because university knowledge alone is not enough. I came across Amojito after courses from Udemy. This is a breath of clean air, I tell you the truth

Vlad Dean
/College student
/ Bonuses

What will you get during your learning?

Well, a lot of interesting things!

1. Immediately after purchasing the course, you will receive a gift card from our partners for your favorite service!

2. During the course, you can win $50 just by studying well, doing your homework, and completing challenges correctly!

3. When you complete the course with good standing, you'll receive a certificate of completion!

4. We'll also send you our merch with stunning and trendy logo so you can brag that you studied at Amojito! 😎

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/ Instructors

Meet the team

Our team members and how they will interact with you

Azam Saidov

Azam Saidov

Founder of Amojito Leaning. IT Team Leader with over 5 years of experience.
In this course:
Personal orientation adviser. Responsible for academic progress, overall rating, learning performance, and other points for the best course completion.

Nikolay Kazakov

Senior QA Engineer and IT professional with over 8 years of experience.
In this course:
Teaching lecturer, curator, responsible for the professional part of the course, manual testing, assignments, practice, employment, and personal mentorship.

Mikhail Lebedev

Professional Software Tester and Python Developer with over 5 years experience.
In this course:
Teaching lecturer, curator, responsible for the online part of the course, practice, first earnings, preparations for in-depth learning, and personal supporting.

Alexandr Tikhonov

Professional video editor and director of learning design.
In this course:
Design and visualization of video lessons, responsible for the professional design of information, quality, and post-production of each lesson.

Alexey Scherbakov

Professional Software Tester and HR Consultant with over 4 years experience.
In this course:
Personal support, curator, responsible for submitting online academies and challenges, interactions with team leaders, and first earnings.

Mikhail Aksyanov

Professional Software Tester in Applause and EPAM Systems.
In this course:
Personal support, curator, responsible for submitting online academies and challenges, interactions with team leaders, and first earnings.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Software Tester?

Software Tester is one of the key specialists involved in the product release process. Designers create a concept, developers write code, testers check the entire product and the quality of work of previous specialists before release. Testers try to make the product perfect so that there is no inconvenience for the end-user.

Are there any prerequisites before the course?

You do not need any technical knowledge or knowledge in IT, we have created a course convenient for everyone: both a complete beginner and already an IT professional.

What do I need to get a job as a tester?

There are several important factors for applying for a job. They are standard:

1. You have permission to officially work in the USA
2. You speak English at B1 level

Further, only unofficial factors:

1. You are ready to work responsibly and receive a salary above $70,000 per year
2. You are ready to actively search for the job offer you need, and not just wait for a convenient vacancy

I have never worked in IT, will I succeed?

To become a tester, you do not need to have a university degree in IT. You have the full opportunity to become a professional, even if you have never encountered or interacted with the IT industry.

Our students, without special knowledge, have learned a software tester profession and work in some of the leading companies in the USA.

It is desirable, of course, that you know how to use a computer, a smartphone, and other modern devices well.

What's the format of the course?

You have the opportunity to choose 2 ways:

1. You can fully follow our training recommendations and learn the profession in about 2.5 months
2. Or you have the opportunity to independently obtain all the materials and study when it is convenient for you.

In both cases, you will have 24/7 support and in both cases, you will have all the features that we have listed on our website.

Do I have enough time for the course?

So, we have 2 options for passing the training, as we described above.

And when choosing any of these options, you will have personal time for work, for your family, for yourself, and for everything else.

We know how difficult it is to combine learning with life. And even if you want to take the course as soon as possible, you will still have free time.

Amojito has a modern format, we are not old schools that take half a day for study and homework.

Will I have a mentor during my training?

One mentor is, of course, good, but a team of ten assistants and supports is better. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions about the course, profession, and so on.

You will have the opportunity to receive answers as soon as possible at any time of the day or night.

Can I take the course with a friend?

You want to invite your friend to take a course together, right? Or would you like to advise him on a course after completing it?

Let us know about it on our contacts and get additional bonuses.